Relaxed nights for the whole family


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot or crib death, still raises many questions, even for scientists. We still do not know the exact causes of SIDS, but today we know the most important risk and protection factors. 

Breastfeeding offers the greatest protection. 

Dangerous on the other hand are smoking parents or those who consume alcohol and drugs, sleeping on the sofa, prone position and sleeping alone in the first year of life. 

Experts today agree that a baby should not sleep alone in a room in the first year of life. It is safer in the room of its parents. Many experts do not agree on whether parents should/may let their child sleep in a cot next to their bed (cosleeping) or in their bed (bedsharing). However, recent studies show that it is not the fact that parents and babies sleep together that promotes SIDS, but dangerous variations of bedsharing. 

The new article in the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine provides helpful answers: Bedsharing and Breastfeeding, 2019, www.bfmed.org.pdf

More information about safe infant sleep you can find here: cosleeping.nd.edu

Many professionals still discourage parents from taking their baby into their bed, without pointing out that it can be recommended under safe conditions. At home, many parents try therefore to let their child sleep alone, but take it into their bed at some point, as most babies cannot be alone at night and cry. These unplanned "emergency solutions" are the ones that are dangerous. It cannot be the solution to prohibit cosleeping in general, but to show parents safe and pleasant forms of cosleeping and bedsharing.