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"Safe infant sleep" 2020, James McKenna. 

The new book by Dr. McKenna on infant sleep, breastfeeding, a new concept called "breastsleeping" and its relationship to maternal and infant health. Here you will find up to date answers to many cosleeping questions. 

"Cosleeping environments require considerable efforts by parents, but these efforts can lead to enormous rewards. It is important to consider the positive impact that the type of cosleeping you choose can have on establishing and maintaining a close bond (especially for parents who are away from their baby many hours during the day), and how it is especially beneficial in supporting the breastfeeding relationship. Now, and throughout history, cosleeping has played an important role in promoting infant survival and well-being, and has always made both short- and long-term contributions to healthy development."

More information: www.cosleeping.nd.edu

"From sleeping in separate beds to their children to transporting them in prams, Western parents have some unusual ideas about how to raise them"

an article by Kelly Oakes, 23rd February 2021